IPU Tertiary Institute New Zealand-Manawatu

IPU Tertiary Institute New Zealand-Manawatu (Private Training Establishments)

Reflecting on the scheme with its proposed wide reach, an application was lodged with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to change our trading name. The application was approved and we initiated the rebranding process in September 2015. Today we are known as the Institute of the Pacific United New Zealand, in short, IPU New Zealand.

Research is an essential component of any university or tertiary institution that awards bachelor's or master's degrees. At IPU New Zealand our research is used to inform our teaching, develop our courses, inspire our students and keep our lecturers up-to-date with developments in their specialist areas.

In this digital age, with increasing access to large amounts of information, a key requirement of employers is for graduates to have the ability to carry out research of a complex nature. Research generates ideas, encourages employees to investigate problems in a structured way and come up with better solutions.


  • Our tertiary institute was conceptualised in 1987, when Hiroshi Ohashi, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, then and today, and other experts in the educational field across the Pacific-Rim nations assembled and discussed ‘an ideal model for an innovative approach to tertiary education in the 21st century'.
  • Institute Type: Private Training Establishments
  • Institute Website: https://www.ipu.ac.nz
  • Institute Country: New Zealand
  • Institute Logo:

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