Academic College Group-Auckland

Academic College Group-Auckland(Private Training Establishments)

ACG Schools is proud to be An Inspired School, a leading global premium schools group operating in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America educating over 45,000 students across a global network of more than 64 schools. Founded by Nadim M Nsouli, Inspired offers a fresh and contemporary approach to education by re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and curricula, and creating a more dynamic, relevant and powerful educational model. Led by some of the world’s top educational thinkers and managers, our six schools share knowledge, resources, training and staff, allowing us to remain at the cutting edge of educational innovation. 

The values of ACG Schools are underpinned by a commitment to see our students succeed in every facet of their lives. Excellence is non-negotiable. We strive for excellence in everything we do and aim to inspire it in each of our students. The team at ACG Schools are from a wide variety of backgrounds, with each person bringing unique skills and experience to the organisation. We seek to employ people who share our values and can contribute to enriching and invigorating our programmes. 


  • We focus on providing all-round education through sports, arts and leadership activities to equip students to take their place on the global stage.
  • Institute Type: Private Training Establishments
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